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Earning XP wisely

Primary skills, secondary skills, and the dangers of outsourcing

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Rewarding Work

Choosing a job that you love vs. one you don’t hate

Infrastructure hardening: File syncing

The first thing you’re probably going to want is a way to auto-synchronize files between computers; once you have that, we can build a few things on top of it.

Hardening your personal infrastructure

Now that my family is vaccinated, I’m reflecting on what to learn from the COVID-19 pandemic. The most obvious lesson is not to be complacent: things can cha...

Three kinds of toughness

I know of three kinds of toughness – three ways of dealing with the hurts life sends our way.

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Police, Principles, and Putin

I spent almost 10 years of my childhood in Russia. Russia is kind of a different planet than the United States.

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